The best description about Belgrade, what I’ve heard so far, was from my South African friend. Back in summer 2014 she said, that Belgrade has an Ugly Swag. Of course she meant it in a positive way. And I totally agree with it. This belle grade (city) is perfect in its imperfection: buildungs are fucked up, streets are not so tidy as where I come from, but it has a soul. In between of this „ugliness“ there is a lot of hidden beauty. So why Belgrade? While Western European cities almost seem perfect, and we all know that perfection is boring, Belgrade’s growing process takes place right now. And I wanna be part of it.

I am Nataša and I am running, an alternative city guide about Belgrade from an insider’s point of view.

photo credits: Kioni Papadopoulos & Boaz Timmermans



Born in Vienna, in 1988. Originally from Serbia. Studied Journalism and Communication Studies in Vienna. Lived in Paris and London. Belgrade Lover. Interested in film, theatre and travel.


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