Ispeci Pa Reci – the new Cake Shop in Dorćol

Ispeci Pa Reci is a new cake shop offering delicious, American-style home-baked treats in the Belgrade borough of Dorćol.

Home Made Dumplings by Ferdinand

Ferdinand is one of those spots that I knew I would love at first sight the minute I step foot in it. It is a place, where the locals meet up for home made dumplings, the finest hot chocolate and coffee…. Continue Reading →

Belgrade’s Must Try Pastry Shops

Are you looking to satisfy your sweet tooth with some pastries? This little guide will tell you where to go for cake and other sweet pleasures in Belgrade. 

The Burek Magic

Burek is a pastry made of thin dough filled with meat, if you want it the traditional way. Nowadays, there are a lot of different variations of Burek. You can choose between cheese, mushrooms, a kind of cabbage, ham and… Continue Reading →

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